Travel with Ali : Roma #1

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  • vendredi 29 janvier 2016 à 20:04 GMT
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Hey there ! My name is Ali, and this is the first episode of my love story with travelling. 

It is no coincidence that I am taking a gap-year. My series of articles will be about the different destinations that I had or will have the opportunity to visit. My goal is to make you travel with me through words, and leave your sofa for a short moment to a more thrilling place. I want you to end every article by saying: GOD ! I am going there next summer ! That would easily be my proudest moment.

No more talks ! I’ll leave you to your reading. Also, leave your comments, I’m open to any discussion! 


 Hopeless romantics would definitely attest to the infinite romance perceptible in the air, whereas the lovers of fine cuisine will testify to the irresistible pleasure that satisfies our taste buds. But for me, what is most remarkable about Roma is how every single little corner visited is filled with history.


One street, a thousand of stories…

Water bottle? Apple? Haven’t you forgotten your little energy bar? Oh, you didn’t, Perfect then! We’re heading downtown. No proof needed: ancient buildings are easily noticeable and buses start vibrating on top of the slabs that set the ancient city apart from the tarmac roads. Not common for a metropolitan city, isn’t it? Bigger surprises are yet to come. Here is the Venezia Place! How astonishing! How can so many people be oblivious of such an inspiring heritage, walking by the Altar della Patria without even raising their heads? Oh, I forgot, we’re the only strangers here, at the epicenter of this persistent power that radiates from all over the city and thrills to death fanatics of history.


You see the guy at the top of the building ? Well, that is not me. I wasn’t allowed :'( 

I know you are not contented, and so we’re going further! We can spot the Coliseum’s strokes. While stands the Coliseum, Rome shall stand; When falls the Coliseum, Rome shall fall; and when Rome falls, the world does so. Isn’t it veracious and truthful when confronted to one of the world’s biggest wonders? The monument’s massiveness helps us perpetuate the Gladiators epic fights: heads chopped by Spartacus’s magnificent sword over there, the crowd permanently cheering, trying to influence the emperor’s judgment by waving cloths or gesturing on the tribunes and the uncountable graffitis designed therein of which beauties are, to this day, immutable.


This picture is definitely not from me, I need to admit… :D

 The Vatican is a couple of stations away, would you like to rest a bit? Oh, really, even the smell of the Pizza doesn’t appeal you? Impeccable! You will have the unique opportunity to be in two different countries; yes, you’ll be able to take a selfie with one foot in Italy and the other one in Vatican City.



What if someone is born exactly where I stand ? Will he or she be a son of God, or one of Caesar’s                                descendants ?


It is one of the several particular traits of Rome: Traveling between two countries being both within two meters away. But you may forget your picture, as you seem completely overwhelmed by both the breathtaking expanse of St-Peter’s Place and the astonishing architecture of St Peter’s Basilica. I am afraid you won’t get out of the Basilica’s top tour if I get you to the top… But I took an oath, so… Here is it: Roma in its entire splendor.


Yeah, I am pretty much proud of this photo ! In fact, I fucking love it !

At Rome, I learned what one of Shakespeare’s language most important verbs means : To love. I fell in love with the food, the streets, the monuments, the girls and bars – Italian beer is not so bad. I fell in love with travelling, even more powerfully than before. No doubt; I will go back to Roma!