Travel with Ali : Milan #2

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  • mardi 1 novembre 2016 à 17:43 GMT
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If you want to become a celebrity, go to Milan. If you want to become a fashion designer, also go to Milan. If you simply want to hang out in some of the most vibrating streets in the world, and if you love discovery, go to Milan… SHUT UP, WE UNDERSTOOD! MILAN IS A GREAT CITY!


Greetings From Milan !

My journey in this city started dramatically. I lost my glasses in the train from Roma, and I had forgotten to note the address of the friend hosting me there. My only landmark? Polytechnic of Milan, where he studies. I just didn’t picture the campus to be that huge…

But what appeared to start as an exhausting jaunt quickly turned out to be a mystifying moment. Lost and hopeless, I landed in The Square, the most famous place in Milan. And there stood the 2nd biggest church of Italy, Duomo di Milano. I was there by sunset, and the almost almighty light that the sun shed on the church overwhelmed me, and accentuated my infant sensitiveness to the gothic architecture.« It seems undestructible! » was my first thought. The spikes lined up in a perfect similar way seemed to reach the sky. No wonder it took 500 years to build this beauty.


Hopefully, I found my friend thereafter. The Plaza San Babila behind the building regrouping all the notorious brands of the world, despite its anachronism, melted perfectly in the atmosphere that is Milan’s spirit.  We realized that very quickly, around a memorable Gellato. I would recommend going to Cioccolati Itanliani, a couple of blocks away from the Duomo. While Milan isn’t as known for its historical sites and religious art as Rome, I thought that modern cultural wonders prevailed there. Milan is also a gateway to the amazing Lake Corno, loved by so many. Walking on the numerous bridges by night is a real pleasure and a great way to enjoy and discover the city!

Nonetheless, what I will always remember of Milan is how the drivers there park their cars. Yeah yeah, I know it sounds stupid, but these pictures will support my claims.


A normal thing in an abnormal city.

Any traveller who had the occasion to visit Milan knows what I am talking about. You can easily be walking and get bypassed by a car. And if the car goes in your direction, the funny thing is that the driver may expect you to step aside. This image of Milan will forever be stuck in my mind : a pretty funny city where people have pretty funny habits!

How to go from Morocco to Milan?  Round trip flights average 1800 DHS from Casablanca, but connections with RyanAir from Fes and Marrakech are usually cheaper (1000 DHS).

Where to sleep?  In Milan, 4 metro lines, trams and buses are available.
You can easily move in the city. Therefore, don’t hesitate if you need to cut off your budget on housing by getting an hotel or an Airbnb far from the center (The Hotel Florida costs 80 euros for a double /The Hotel Corallo which costs 60 euros for a double). Get a 10-ride carnet, cheaper than 10 individuals tickets.

Monuments? You will probably be able to do them all in a couple of days. There is the Duomo, the San Siro (for soccer fans!) and the Museum at La Scala opera house. The museum is rich in accessories and costumes from the Opera’s era. Cheap price with an audio tour!

Where to eat? Milan on a budget is hard but doable. I highly recommend to do an Aperitivo Crawl, which proposes Milan’s most famous signatures dishes like the risotto alla milanese. Eat a Panzerotto from Luini ! I couldn’t taste it and regret it to this day… 3 euros only!