Ali Rachidi


Fervent lover of sciences. Like Ibn Battuta, I travel and relate my treks using Shakespeare's language. I joined Artisthick with the hope to find a way to share my adventures by writing. Cool fact :one of my long life dreams is to hold a Ted Talk!

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Travel with Ali : Milan #2

If you want to become a celebrity, go to Milan. If you want to become a fashion designer, also go to Milan. If you simply want to hang out in some of the most vibrating streets in the world, and if you love discovery, go to Milan… SHUT UP, WE …

Par , le 1 novembre 2016

Travel with Ali : Roma #1

Hey there ! My name is Ali, and this is the first episode of my love story with travelling.  It is no coincidence that I am taking a gap-year. My series of articles will be about the different destinations that I had or will have the opportunity to visit. My goal is …

Par , le 29 janvier 2016