Adele’s Carpool is the only one you’ll be remembering

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  • lundi 18 janvier 2016 à 11:09 GMT
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The Amazing Adele strikes again, and this time, you cannot take it lightly. Few days ago, the star joined James Corden and his much talked about Carpool Karaoke experience in the Late Late Show With James Corden.  Together, they drove across London’s streets and sang along various songs played by Corden. We got to discover an unknown side of the Grammy Winner, a goofy kind of endearing persona, who doesn’t take herself too seriously, who masters the art of self-criticism and can drop some seriously cracking jokes. After spilling coffee on her newly purchased coat, exploring a wild idea of forming an a-smashing squad including Beyoncé and Jennifer Lawrence, singing along some of her famous songs as well a cute nostalgic flashback to her Spice Girls longtime crush, Adele managed to unexpectedly drop a bomb on all of her fans following the show and prove to the world that her talent goes beyond one’s imagination and assessment.

It began when Corden casually talked about rumors portraying Adele as « quite the rapper », when suddenly the star begins to rap on Kanye West’s hit song Monster featuring Nicki Minaj. As shocking as it may seem, the lovy dovy singer whose songs encouraged a large part of her listeners to reconnect with their exes and long lost lovers became this jaw-dropping rapper mastering the art of « dropping rhymes ». Actually, if you close your eyes, you’ll easily get the impression of listening to Nicki Minaj herself. The latter recently tweeted about the subject, stating that « Adele is mad ratched. I can’t take her! »
You can listen to the Carpool with Adele below. Enjoy!

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